How to Start Up an Online Business and Make Money?


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Making MONEY
 on  the Intenet?
How to proceed?
Dollards notes

 A   successful   Team :
Efficient Tools, Methods
and selected Products.
So, u can please Clients.
People team
 To increase Money flow,
increase Quality and
 Customer Satisfaction
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Internet offers great opportunities for Service and Products.

Can we help you? An entrepreneur needs to learn basic and advanced techniques. 

You have to take into account every aspect of your Business Life. There is no
press-buttom system or app software which can make overnight money on the Internet, except Knowledge, Skill and Work.

Do you have TO CHOOSE A NICHE, SELECT PRODUCTS and CREATE A BUZZ? We can provide you with the best selectied tools, methods and technics for succeeding and making money on the Internet.  To do so, an online entrepreneur has to develop consumer values et products benefits.
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SUCCESS COMES from SUSTAINABLE and DEDICATED WORK during weeks, months and years (because the competitors progress, too), BUT The Good News Is You CAN SAVE TIME By Learning How to Proceed. You can also have fun in the process of doing Business and making Money: It's now your Turn to Make The Right Choice!

PART ONE :What You Need to Know First

What are the basics things you have to know to built up a successful business ?

1) First of all, you have to really Think over your plans and, in the same time, find tips and best practices. So; you will avoid misunderstanding, errors. Don't lose your time (as we know, Time is Money);

2) Look for the best Information from this page before choosing between different options ;

3) Select useful and real materials, tools, techniques, manuals and videos.

There is a big difference between fair and unfair providers or suppliers. You can easily recognize unfair suppliers when they put pressure on you before making the deal. For instance, they promise you to become a millionaire overnight. They show you the luxurious cars they own (or rent?) or the villas where they are supposed to live in, surronded with beautiful women and top models having fun in their personal swimming pools, and so on. Actually, Business does not work that way, because each of us has to dedicate time acquiring technical knowledge and skill before succeeding in Business. So, apply for accurate training.

Another good news is you can have access to great tools to do your work well in the right direction and at the right time, earning real money. So, you can achieve your goals and fulfil:your dreams.


5) Reserve your best attention and service to your (future) Clients. You want really them to become satisfied Customers and Clients. You really want them to succeed too, don't you?

Who am I to say you can live a better and more successful life if you really want it? My name is David Richardson. Would you like to follow my lead and trust me?

I have an experience and expertise in retail Business for more than twenty years. First, my life was brick and mortar(product manufacturer). I turned online business at the beginning of 2004. 

I run now several successful businesses. During twenty years, I have also learnt to or advised dozens of managers, high profile Entrepreneurs and CEOs.  I helped them to set up or develop their business (I promise them to show discretion about the matter; I deal with them according confidentiality agreement for consultants and contractors). I have been paid for the services I provided them with, so I am no more under such a pressure. I continue to work yet for a simple.reason: I really love my work and take pleasure acting as I do! After helping my own children, relative and close friends to do the Best and build their Life, I have decided to help others people too.

I am acting to enlarge the circle of the fair persons who need to improve their life. What's the goal? To allow you to access the best of Life, not only for yourselves, but also for your loved ones.. What do I promise you? To have a better life if you really want to have one. That the Choice is yours: goals, method, tools and best teaching. 

Be assured that you can become a richer Man or appreciate Woman. To have a Better Life, you have to make a decision and act. You must learn the rules and techniques. What's the point of having more money? I suggest you to look for a mix: love and family ties, good relationship and Real Money for a life Time! (Can Bible inspire you? Then, here is an inspirational quote : one day, God asked to Salomon; "What shall I give you ?" The King answered: "God, Give me, Please, Good Understanding and Wisdom". At first, The Lord provides him with Wisdom, then Wealth. When Salomon attracted  Wealth, he acquired timber ad forests, silver and gold mines. So; he built up the Temple and its palace!).

PART TWO:: What Tools Do You Use To Manage Your Business?
Learn How to Set up your Business and Make Money Online ?

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Here comes the best: How to Make Real Money on the Internet?

Think, Decide and Act Now to become a rich(er) Man or Woman!
Don't forget: You Deserve The Best WHEN you are helping Others
Fulfilling their own needs, requirements and dreams!

So, here comes THE BEST for You (Just a last recommendation and you have access to it); 

I will tell you later how to follow specific training with me if you want to. Just now, you can make A Great Decision. Take a decision makes all the difference in your Life. If you are a beginner, I recommend you to see THIS FREE VIDEO. Don't hesitate to freely subscribe to the free courses. During this period, you can access to a set of tools to develop your own Business on the Internet (Not only to set up your Business but you will also be provided with new Business Ideas! It's great, indeed!)

So,:to get a quick and safe start :

  • You will have access to the easy ways, tools and best practices ;
  • You can set up your own business from profitable sites (easy built-up sites with built-in formulas) ;
  • You begin to have revenue in the next weeks; after that, you can get more information and tools to improve your results in the coming months. You need six to twelve months to become a Professional and successful Entrepreneur (Don't never forget to learn more if you want to maintain your success!
Have Good Luck, Fine Job and a Great Day!

Your Councilor and Business Partner,


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